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Ruger 77/22 Hornet Prototype
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09 Mar 2011 03:05 PM
    Model 77-22 sn 700-22246, This rifle has been converted to .22 Hornet, I bought it from a collector in
    March 1990, prior to the introduction of the Model 77-22 Hornet. It was presented to me as being one of
    two factory prototypes. There are no stampings that would indicate it was a prototype, however.The clip
    has been altered and welded so that it will not hold a round. The bolt has been scribed with electric pensil
    w/ 22246 and an ""R""(which I take to mean rimfire) however the bolt has been converted to centerfire. I
    have fired the rifle and it functions perfectly. Everything about this rifle indicates it is authentic but it
    will not letter. No doubt because there is no record of it leaving the factory. I have a friend who spent a
    lot of time in Bill Ruger's office and the factory as a youngster and says he remembers seeing that rifle at
    the factory and discussions regarding the .22 Hornet. $500

    You will also see description of this rifle in another post at ""Auto Bolt and Lever Rifles"" section.